Abengoa is an international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the infrastructures, energy and water sectors. Abengoa is currently present in all strategic geographies for the development of its engineering and construction activities in the energy, water, transmission and infrastructures and services sectors. Its experience in engineering, construction and procurement, and the successful completion of emblematic projects endorse its track record and serves as the driving force that allows the company to continue to be awarded new projects, year after year.

Abengoa Innovación, an Abengoa company located in Seville (Spain), has as objective the organization and operation of businesses and activities related with the production and the storage of electric energy using different technologies, as well as the power production from renewable sources, and its clean and efficient use.

Abengoa Innovación merges the R&D&I activities that were developed in the past in the R&D Department of Inabensa and those of Abengoa Hidrógeno. The main activities that the R&D Department of Inabensa has carried out in recent times are in the areas of energy efficiency and energy storage, power electronics, aerospace and electromobility. Abengoa Hidrógeno, on the other hand, has been dedicated since 2003 to the development of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, participating in projects for the development of hydrogen production plants and power generation plants based on fuel cells.

Abengoa Innovación workforce comprises of 51 Engineers and Licentiates, experts in different disciplines, who have been developing projects in the hydrogen and fuel cell sector for 15 years.