On 19 March, HYDROSOL-beyond partners participated in the final workshop on "Solar Hydrogen and other technologies".
During the workshop two presentations were given by the project partners, namely Souzana Lorentzou, (CERTH) who is the project coordinator and presented the project overview & Aurelio José González Pardo (CIEMAT/PSA) who elaborated on the installation, upgrading, operation and evaluation of the plant.
The last session of the workshop started with a presentation on the CIESOL Centre and its activities by Jose Luis Casas Lopez (CIESOL/UAL) and three other presentations on other relevant technologies: 
Photocatalytic production of H2, main technical issues and results presented by Alba Ruiz (CIESOL/PSA).
Photoproduction of H2 catalysed by heterometallic complexes presented by Belén López Sánchez (CIESOL/UAL) and 
Hydrogen systems: Infrastructure for production, storage and handling presented by Michael Bampaou (CERTH).
We would like to thank all the speakers and participants as well as the CIESOL team for hosting the event. 
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