EngiCer SA is about cellular ceramics and their engineering, specialized in foams and lattices. Since the first silicon-infiltrated silicon carbide foam was produced in 1998, we focus on the development of application specific products to satisfy every specific operating condition. We recognize that every application operates at different conditions and that every end-user has its own definition of performance and lifespan, and we deliver products tailored to the specific needs. Example of final products are foams for porous burners, catalyst supports, thermal reformers for fuel cell systems, sandwich core for thermal protection systems, volumetric solar absorbers, and some more.

EngiCer SA is a spin-off of Erbicol SA formed in 2013 as a result of a continuous growth in the sector. Despite the company is rather young, its technology, experience and people are based on an almost 20 years history. After a short period in PTC SA from 1996 to 1998, the Porous Ceramics Department was integrated in Erbicol SA, a family business founded in 1950 specialized in the machining of extra-hard materials. The main focus at the time was the development of silicon-infiltrated silicon carbide foams for porous burners able to withstand at least 20’000 hours at 1350°C, a goal that has been achieved beginning of 2000.

Differentiation of product portfolio and development of new application were the main goals starting from there, and still are part of the strategy. In 2013, the spin-off EngiCer SA was created. The new company takes over all the activities of the Porous Ceramics Department, all the knowledge and experience, with one main goal: take the foam product to the next level, delivering innovative engineered cellular ceramic solutions. The added value of our product/service is the ability to develop, engineer and realize custom cellular structures, through a process that starts with the collection of application data, goes through simulation, design, prototyping, and experimental validation, and finished with the optimal product for a specific application.

EngiCer has steadily developed in the field of research and applied research, not only through private contract research, but also through publicly funded projects.